Kaizen: More than that good DU30 roll

Located along the corner of Torres street and the Pryce Road, Kaizen brings to Davao Mukbang style Japanese street dining popular in Japanese cities. This hip fusion Japanese cuisine is popular with the younger crowd and does not disappoint. Rather, it inspires, with creativity and passion evident in its unique food, with the laid back atmosphere of the light bulbs on the sidewalk taking you almost instantly to nightime Tokyo.

We tried the delectable sushi rolls, such as the famous DU30 roll, Martial Roll and their Ramen. Even the skewered items were quite good. Much more than the statements they make, the rolls were tangy with special flavors you will not taste in other Japanese sushi rolls. The Ramen is as authentic as Ramen can get. Hearty and flavorful. Whats more, Kaizen's chef comes up with new entrees every time, filling every trip to the resto with anticipation that whets the appetite and tickles the taste.

But what makes Kaizen special is that unlike other restaurants in Davao, it is open till the small hours of the morning. What's even more interesting is that despite the hours, the lines remain long with patrons waiting their turn. Thus, it is great for groups.

Kaizen's significance is that it brings more than the usual fare to a crowd that in recent years has become much more sophisticated, seeking flavors that go beyond sashimi and wasabi. Its presence adds texture to the already varied and interesting Davao restaurant scene, making it a must try for visitors, and a popular watering hole for locals.