‘You can count on us’ - food delivery, errand services

While many businesses are struggling, some are seeing a boom during this pandemic.

Kathleen Loresca, mother of two toddlers, regularly sends a private message to her "suki" errand service to buy for her family supplies from the grocery and the market.

And if there are occasional cravings, they request for service to buy for them food or snacks from their favorite restaurant.

“Especially, during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and I cannot risk the head of our family to go out and buy our necessities, I really need the services of these delivery groups,” she narrated.

She added, “I love their honesty, flexibility, and promptness, really a convenience to us during this time of pandemic, wherein it is best to just stay home to be safe.”

One of the small businesses that gained popularity during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic are food delivery and errand services.

Some provide services to drop or pick-up goods.

Others offer to pay your bills, buy medicines and other essentials.


One satisfied customer receives goods from the wet market bought by a rider from an errand service. (Photo courtesy of: Baon Elyu)


In San Fernando City, a number of these service groups maximized the use of social media like Facebook to offer their service and network with various food establishments to find clients.

A few of these are Elyu Palakad, Pedro’s Delivery and Errand Services, Errando Boys, Elyu Pasabuy, and Baón Elyu.

Meanwhile, husband and wife entrepreneur, Jeff and Monette Zamoranos trust these errand services to deliver various food items and essential healthcare items to their customers.

“These delivery services offer convenience to us because of the efficient and faster transactions at a lower cost,” Monette said.

According to her, it is also a way to help these freelance errand and delivery boys as this is a source of income for them and their families.

Monette added, “We are satisfied with the service they provide to us and the customers who are excited to receive the products they brought from us through these riders."


A rider unloads cartons of bought groceries for a customer. (Photo courtesy of Baon Elyu)


One of the delivery and errand services in the city is Baón Elyu with four active riders and two working as part-time.

During the ECQ period, each rider receives up to five bookings per day.

They patiently queue to enter grocery stores, choose and pick the items their customer needs and queue again to pay and safely drive to deliver the goods at the doorsteps of their customers.  

“More than the income we get through this business is our goal to earn the trust of our customers,” Jehoshapat Lopez, one of Baon Elyu’s riders, shared.

He added, “There are times when customers entrust us to pay their bills and we ensure their hard-earned money is safe with us until we hand them to the service center.”

Like other delivery services, Baón Elyu also started during the enhanced community quarantine when most residents are restricted to go out and opted to stay at home.

“We only started before in our compound in Santiago Norte, San Fernando City then we started catering to bookings within the city and when the ECQ was lifted, we started to have deliveries in neighboring towns,” Lopez said.

With the implementation of modified general community quarantine in La Union, they continue to provide service in delivering fast food because this is the demand of their customers at present.


Recently, most of their customers opt for fastfood products delivered to them fast and more convenient. (Photos courtesy of Baon Elyu)


Like Loresca, customers found another convenience in these errand and delivery services but more importantly, these riders were provided income during the time when most of them do not have regular work and income for their families. (JCR/AMB/JDS/PIA La Union) All photos Philippine Infomration Agency